Only One Sale, so you are fired!!!

His first day on the job was rough, but he got through it. After the store was locked up, the boss came down to the sales floor.
“How many customers bought something from you today?” The kid frowns and looks at the floor and mutters, “One”. The boss says “Just one?!!? Our sales people average sales to 20 to 30 customers a day.

That will have to change, and soon, if you’d like to continue your employment here. We have very strict standards for our sales force here in USA . One sale a day might have been acceptable in India , but you’re not in the mines anymore, son.”

The kid took his beating, but continued to look at his shoes, so the boss felt kinda bad for chewing him out on his first day. He asked (semi-sarcastic ally), “So, how much was your one sale for?”

The kid looks up at his boss and says “$101,237.65″.
The boss, astonished, says $101,237.65?!? What the heck did you sell?”

The kid says, “Well, first, I sold him some new fish hooks. Then I sold him a new fishing rod to go with his new hooks. Then I asked him where he was going fishing and he said down the coast, so I told him he was going to need a boat, so we went down to the boat department and I sold him a twin engine Chris Craft. Then he said he didn’t think his Honda Civic would pull it, so I took him down to the automotive department and sold him that 4×4 Expedition.”

The boss said “A guy came in here to buy a fish hook and you sold him a boat and a TRUCK!?” The kid said “No, the guy came in here to buy tampons for his wife, and I said, ‘Dude, your weekend’s fucked, perhaps you should go fishing.


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not only free information but free food for all

Manama: Saudi and Gulf citizens have heaped praise on a man who placed a refrigerator in front of his house in the northern Saudi city of Hail and invited people to donate food to help the needy.
The open air donation would spare the needy the “shame” of asking for food, the man, who was not named, said.
The move came to national and international attention after a religious scholar, Shaikh Mohammad Al Araifi, paid tribute on his Twitter account to “the Saudi man from Hail who was engaged in an indirect act of charity.”
Writing under the moniker of “Sniper”, an online user applauded the “simple, but far-reaching idea.”
“That is exactly what we needed: A simple, but bright idea that goes a long way in helping people,” Sniper posted. “The idea should now be adopted and all large mosques in the country should place fridges to take and distribute food,” he said.
Another blogger, Abdul Rahman, went further by suggesting “the smart idea should be applied in front of all houses.”
“It is the best way to ensure that all people have access to food,” he said.

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24-year-old JOB INTERVIEW

[O]ne day there came to see me a 24-year-old–man, come from [Mexico] seeking a faculty position. His demeanor was very proper, his appearance pleasant, and his manner of expression easy and agreeable. I liked him.

I asked him to tell me who he was and what skills he had for the classroom, to which he responded:

—“I am Cuban, I’ve come from Mexico, and my name is ]osé Martí. My teaching skills . . .

—“José Martí! I interrupted. “That name is not unknown to me: I’ve seen it as that of the author of a pamphlet that speaks of the torments that the Spanish government inflicts upon the poor Cubans it sends to the work camps in Africa. Perhaps . . .”

—“Yes sir, I am the author of that pamphlet and the martyr to which it refers.”

—“Well then, Mr. Martí, your twofold worthiness as a Cuban and martyr make you completely worthy of my sympathies: You may count on the position you seek.

the article on prisoners in Habana was written 6 years before in Spain, by 18 years old Pepe. 6 years he has spent in recovering from physical illness (sarcoidosis) and lifting his family from the poverty that has killed 3 of his 7 sisters. Now, 1977, Pepe is in Guatemala, Central American Country, for the dictator Diaz expelled him from Mexico in past December, as the Spaniard metropoly did from Cuba a month before. It’s April.

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Where there is no real cultivation of proper desire, who stands to gain, really?

What is the first law of teaching, and the last? I think it is that you have to try to make them want what you’re trying to give them. There are many other things, specially when it come to actually giving what you give, but at the moment I think this is the one that draws the line between a good and a bad teacher. The teacher that made me want the thing, was good, the one that failed was not destined to succeed at teaching much. And I think that if you don’t realize this, you are bound to be bad as a teacher. A student who doesn’t need you to do that, who wants it already, will learn from you, and you can stick around in some disciplines and subjects. And bad teachers take it for granted that that’s the student’s responsibility, because who can reach into anothers heart? And they’re partly right, but no enought. I think you’re on the way to being far more successful of a teacher if you know you have to try to make them want what you’re trying to give them.

Of course there are the ethics of it, which makes me think of advertising–though perhaps that’s too much of a mix. Advertising is like evangelicalism, opportunistic about its means. It knows you have to want whatever you’re going to get, and it goes about it in the quickest way. But a teacher cannot be opportunistic. Opportunism is not wisdom, and at least teaching ought to be on the side of wisdom. Opportunism is a kind of insight about means, but without the corresponding insight of the ends. And there are ways of wanting, some of which get at the thing, some of which handle it a little while and then lose the grip of true lasting interest. Some ways of wanting are only about the subject that wants, and do not nourish in that subject a desire that corresponds to the object, but only a transitory and desultory wanting that is continually vitiated, and requires endless change or deeper perversion.


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Entrada a Cuba: reglas que pocos saben, pero todos debe saber!

Un Pedacito de Cuba

Todos en el mundo compran el pasaje a la isla seducidos por su eterno calor: no solo el calor del sol y de la tierra sino también el calor humano que Cuba destila. La idea de una semana en las playaPJM_1409s que llevan el azul más bello de todo el Caribe es fantástica. Todos van locos por ordenar su primer Mojito.

Y todo eso es posible. Pero lo que nadie sabe es que en Cuba, atravesar ese divino edificio que nos permite finalmente llegar a esas cosas maravillosas de la isla –léase: aeropuerto- tiene su truco.

Hay reglas, que son únicas en Cuba, y que no las sabe el mundo pues existen en ningún otro lugar del mundo. Y de no saberlas antes de viajar a la isla, dos cosas pueden pasar:

— Te detienen por siglos en el aeropuerto

— O te regresan de vuelta a tu país!

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we’ve heard too much on suicidal Martí, so let’s talk about the non-suicidal one

It is distressing to feel oneself so alive and full of tenderness and of undying kindness and to sob for hours on end,

—without my soul allowing me the right to release moans,

in this tepid atmosphere,

in this unbearable smallness,

in this monotonous sameness,

in this measured life,

in this emptiness of love that weighs upon my body, that overwhelms it, and that perennially suffocates and oppresses me within it.

Sickness of living: the sickness that killed Acuña*.

Rosario, awaken me, not as you did him, pardonable for his highness of soul, yet in the end weak and unworthy of me.

Because to live is a burden, so I live;

because to live is to suffer, so I live:

—I live, because I would be stronger than every obstacle and every force.

Letter sent by José Martí to a mexican poet for whom the poet *Acuña is believed commited suicide.


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Arlin Report

  1. The Illuminati (plural of Latin illuminatus, “enlightened”) is a name given to several groups, both real and fictitious. Historically, the name refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776.

2.  The Illuminati conspiracy is a conspiracy theory which holds that           there is a “global elite” society that is either in control of the                   world or is seeking to take control of the world.

As with most conspiracy theories, beliefs regarding the Illuminati conspiracy vary widely.   One theory that they are a Satanic organization.

Here is a list of 13 family bloodline of the Illuminati from the founding in 1776.   Some of these families can be traced as far back as the 1600s.   Some are quite familiar to us here in the U.S.; particularly families like Kennedy…

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It’s the economic war, stupid!

Caracas Chronicles

Ever since scarcity began, Venezuelans were presented with a new phenomenon: “economic war.” Hazily defined and poorly communicated, economic war basically says that someone – the opposition, private industry, the CIA, the Mossad, Uribe – SOMEONE is responsible for the long lines and empty shelves in Venezuela’s stores. That someone is … anyone but the government.

The latest incarnation of “economic war” points to “wholesalers.” According to the government, wholesalers are hoarding on consumer goods. The reason you can’t find cooking oil is becasue it’s stored in the warehouses of eeeeeeevillllll wholesalers. Once we do away with these folks, everything will be good.

Sadly, some in the media aren’t buying the “economic war” narrative. The latest media outlet to undermine the argument is none other than the Official Gazette of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Last week, a decree was published there saying the government was…

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80 billionaries have more money than half of humans (the list of several trillionaries is not yet available, thus nor how many humans have less money than them)

1 Bill Gates $76 USA Tech
2 Carlos Slim Helu $72 Mexico Telecom
3 Amancio Ortega $64 Spain Retail
4 Warren Buffett $58 USA Finance
5 Larry Ellison $48 USA Tech
6 Charles Koch $40 USA Diversified
7 David Koch $40 USA Diversified
8 Sheldon Adelson $38 USA Entertainment
9 Christy Walton $37 USA Retail
10 Jim Walton $35 USA Retail
11 Liliane Bettencourt $35 France Product
12 Stefan Persson $34 Sweden Retail
13 Alice Walton $34 USA Retail
14 S. Robson Walton $34 USA Retail
15 Bernard Arnault $34 France Luxury
16 Michael Bloomberg $33 USA Finance
17 Larry Page $32 USA Tech
18 Jeff Bezos $32 USA Retail
19 Sergey Brin $32 USA Tech
20 Li Ka-shing $31 Hong Kong Diversified
21 Mark Zuckerberg $29 USA Tech
22 Michele Ferrero $27 Italy Food
23 Aliko Dangote $25 Nigeria Commodities
24 Karl Albrecht $25 Germany Retail
25 Carl Icahn $25 USA Finance
26 George Soros $23 USA Finance
27 David Thomson $23 Canada Media
28 Lui Che Woo $22 Hong Kong Entertainment
29 Dieter Schwarz $21 Germany Retail
30 Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud $20 Saudi Arabia Finance
31 Forrest Mars Jr. $20 USA Food
32 Jacqueline Mars $20 USA Food
33 John Mars $20 USA Food
34 Jorge Paulo Lemann $20 Brazil Drinks
35 Lee Shau Kee $20 Hong Kong Diversified
36 Steve Ballmer $19 USA Tech
37 Theo Albrecht Jr. $19 Germany Retail
38 Leonardo Del Vecchio $19 Italy Luxury
39 Len Blavatnik $19 USA Diversified
40 Alisher Usmanov $19 Russia Extractives
41 Mukesh Ambani $19 India Extractives
42 Masayoshi Son $18 Japan Telecom
43 Michael Otto $18 Germany Retail
44 Phil Knight $18 USA Retail
45 Tadashi Yanai $18 Japan Retail
46 Gina Rinehart $18 Australia Extractives
47 Mikhail Fridman $18 Russia Extractives
48 Michael Dell $18 USA Tech
49 Susanne Klatten $17 Germany Cars
50 Abigail Johnson $17 USA Finance
51 Viktor Vekselberg $17 Russia Metals
52 Lakshmi Mittal $17 India Metals
53 Vladimir Lisin $17 Russia Transport
54 Cheng Yu-tung $16 Hong Kong Diversified
55 Joseph Safra $16 Brazil Finance
56 Paul Allen $16 USA Tech
57 Leonid Mikhelson $16 Russia Extractives
58 Anne Cox Chambers $16 USA Media
59 Francois Pinault $16 France Retail
60 Iris Fontbona $16 Chile Extractives
61 Azim Premji $15 India Tech
62 Mohammed Al Amoudi $15 Saudi Arabia Extractives
63 Gennady Timchenko $15 Russia Extractives
64 Wang Jianlin $15 China Real Estate
65 Charles Ergen $15 USA Telecom
66 Stefan Quandt $15 Germany Cars
67 Germán Larrea Mota Velasco $15 Mexico Extractives
68 Harold Hamm $15 USA Extractives
69 Ray Dalio $14 USA Finance
70 Donald Bren $14 USA Real Estate
71 Georg Schaeffler $14 Germany Product
72 Luis Carlos Sarmiento $14 Colombia Finance
73 Ronald Perelman $14 USA Finance
74 Laurene Powell Jobs $14 USA Entertainment
75 Serge Dassault $14 France Aviation
76 John Fredriksen $14 Cyprus Transport
77 Vagit Alekperov $14 Russia Extractives
78 John Paulson $14 USA Finance
79 Rupert Murdoch $14 USA Media
80 Ma Huateng $13 China Tech

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one in four unaware that the Earth revolves around the Sun

American said that a year ago. Based on previous reports, the U.S. made little progress — 71% of the people answered the question correctly in 2004, down slightly from 75% in 2001. At least we know that in 15 years no progress was achieved on this regard.

Also this girls believe that the earth was 2014-year-old 13 months ago:image

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Arlin Report

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Good to have these old quotes around as reminders.  Usually, enough said!   There are some patriots from our past that you never heard much from……but when they spoke it was with great thought and purpose. Unlike today, all we hear is rambling.

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In 2009, Mia Washington gave birth to twins with two different fathers, a one-in-a-billion occurrence

. One month, Mia released two eggs instead of one. Her two sexual partners each fertilized one of the eggs, resulting in two babies with two dads. In 2011, there were only 3 known cases of this occurrence

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NOTHING NEW YET | el cuartico está igualito

DICTATOR Raul Castro said in a Jan. 28 speech that Cuba would insist the United States return the Guantanamo Bay naval base as a step toward normalizing US-Cuban relations. Castro made the remarks during a two-day summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States.

So, obama, what u gonna do? Hahaha

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Raul Castro got cold feet: his 4 provocative conditions to the US can ruin it for Cuba

Un Pedacito de Cuba

Ever since the announcement of the re-establishing Cuba – US diplomatic relationship last December, Cuban ex-leader Fidel Castro had not said a beep about the deal. After that, Cuban and U.S. IMG_4506 - Copydiplomats had a chat about re-establishing embassies in Washington and Havana. During the talks, the longstanding enemies expressed they hoped to coexist despite their gigantic political differences. Which, is a really good outcome of being just the first round of negotiations. After that, Obama went as far as announcing the lifting of some economic sanctions and ease travel restrictions for U.S. citizens wishing to visit the island.

But last Monday (Jan 26, 2014) Fidel Castro spoke and the course of history changed. He shared with the world his lack of trust for his long standing enemy, the Americans. He also informed the world this befriending the US was all his brother’s doing, reiterating he had nothing to do with…

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cruza todo el paseo marítimo de su ciudad y salta al vacío, al mar, después de despedirse la noche anterior de su única amiga


Eso hizo Carla Díaz el 11 de abril de 2013, agotada, harta de sufrir a diario el acoso de estudiantes en el patio y los baños de su colegio, el centro religioso Santo Ángel de la Guarda de Gijón, y por internet. Dos acosadoras, las únicas mayores de 14 años y por tanto, responsables penales, acaban de ser condenadas a cumplir cuatro meses de tareas socioeducativas. Carla tenía al partir 14 años. El maltrato de alumnos y profesores la mató. Su pecado? Ser diferente. Nunca hizo daño a nadie.

No sé la repercisión de hechos así. Las medidas que se hallan tomado. Sólo sé que entre todos la empujamos al precipicio.

Un adulto maltratado, cambia de medio, de trabajo, de ciudad, de pareja… Pero nuestros niños tienen que vivir con los golpes y las amenazas y los gritos CUANDO NADIE LOS VE


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EL PROBLEMA NO ES QUE LOS MEDIOS NOS QUIERAN MANTENER INFORMADOS, el problema es que creen que lo que transmiten son noticias


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They beat the last 11 us presidents EVEN when 4 of them were for 2 terms


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A two-year-old girl who was born with a serious heart defect has had a life-saving operation thanks to a 3D printer

Mina had a hole between two chambers of her heart, but doctors were able to use the printer to create a model to help surgeons plan the successful operation.
Mina and mum Natasha spoke to BBC Breakfast, along with Dr Tarique Hussain who printed the model of her heart.

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el hombre que no debe morir

José Julián Martí Pérez, ha sido el hombre más grande que ha dado el país. Mañana es otro cumpleaños.

No fue fruto del socialismo, que prometió al Hombre Nuevo que construiría el comunismo, parte del ejercito de humanos avanzados en el grupo de naciones que conformaban aquel bloque comunista rumbo a la materialización de los sueños de Marx y Lenin. 25 años después, los sobrevivientes, agonizan.

Hace 162 años nació Martí. Casualidades lo llevaron a la cima de su pueblo para siempre:

*haber visto a la distancia de dos pasos el desembarco de negros, golpeados, ahorcados allá en el monte de Hanábana. haber hablado con ellos y sentido lo humano universal que hay detras de cada cuerpo de cualquier color

*hermano mayor de 7 hermanas, pobres, pobre su madre, pobre su viejo padre, pobre la ciudad, pobres tus casas martí

*que los llevó a la vida itinerante: una casa por hermana en 10 años; una madre que cuando no estaba pariendo estaba cosiendo, junto a las pequeñas que la ayudaban para sobrevivir

*se refugiaba en sus ensueños, pues habia nacido poeta, y viajó antes de cumplir 10 años, viajó a Valencia en España; y viajó por meses por el mar; y por tierra viajó a las tierras lejos de la ciudad, en que trabajaría su padre, su padre indomable; con el que se fue también a Honduras Británicas (hoy Belice), antes de cumplir 11

*no pudiendo instalarse en España ni en Honduras Británica, de vuelta a la Habana siempre, la habana clasista, racista, la efervescente Habana; su caldo la Habana

*no habría pasado de los estudios primarios de no ser por un amigo de la familia que tal vez viendo en los ojos de la madre del prodigio que el niño había nacido para el Mundo, pagó sus estudios secundarios; y cuando la familia se fue a Batabanó, Mendive, EL MAESTRO, lo acogió como hijo en su casa, en la revolución de todas las almas.

*ya a los 16 era Martí, el Hombre Nuestro, y aún faltaba; faltaba el presidio y los destierros; y la pobreza siempre. Pero nunca faltaron los amigos ni las almas que había que levantar.

¡Y cuantas almas tiene que levantar todavía!

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no se dejen enredar más por los castros:

No confío en la política de Estados Unidos ni he intercambiado una palabra con ellos…

El Presidente de Cuba ha dado los pasos pertinentes de acuerdo a sus prerrogativas y las facultades que le conceden la Asamblea Nacional y el Partido Comunista de Cuba.

—carta de Fidel a la Federación de Estudiantes Universitarios, 26 de enero 2015

… y yo no creo nada.

Fidel, Raúl:

¿Qué quieren? ¿Qué están buscando?

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when you realize the diversity of exceptional human beings out there and opportunities and business deals and everything, you’re going to realize there are a lot more options than you’re giving credit to

  1. Create a diverse network of givers.

Who should you be adding to your network in the first place? Generous people from a wide variety of industries, Levy says. Prioritize personality over perceived “usefulness.”

“It’s adding diversity to your network that truly helps it. The reason is, every time you add an additional person that’s in your industry, you’re not expanding your network very much because you all probably know the same people,” he says.

For example, Levy became friends with the founder of Wizard World Comicon, Gareb Shamus, someone completely unrelated to Levy’s industry. “Nobody would think that investing in that relationship makes any sense! He’s a wonderful guy, and one of the most generous people I’ve had the pleasure to know,” he says.

  1. Stay away from drama.

“I’m in full support of providing value and helping people who are struggling, but I fundamentally will not allow my network to be exposed to people who are negative and have the potential to bring them down. It’s insidious, and it spreads through the network very quickly,” Levy says.

  1. Don’t be afraid of making a fool of yourself.

If you’re serious about making a name for yourself, you’ll need to be willing to embarrass yourself in front of powerful people.

Speaking about himself, Levy says, “I think the only people who would probably embarrass themselves more over time are people who are far, far, far more successful. Like the [Richard] Bransons of the world.”

There are going to be times when you’re not going to appear as funny or impressive as you’d like, but as with anything else, you should make note of how your social interactions failed and improve the next time.

Levy actually plays with the way he tells stories and introduces himself either in person or over email to see how people react, and then adjusts accordingly.

  1. Don’t impose yourself on others.

“One of the fundamental mistakes I made at the beginning was thinking that people enjoyed all the things I liked,” Levy says.

He would take an “older sibling” approach and try to get his introverted connections to behave like him, an extrovert. For example, if he tried to get a shy person to retell a story he enjoyed in front of a large crowd, he ended up putting that person into an incredibly uncomfortable situation.

Whether you’re introducing people or hosting them at an event, you should always be aware that it’s not your job to get people to behave a certain way.

  1. Understand that not everyone will like you, and that’s OK.

“At a certain point, I realized that there’s a percentage of the population that no matter what you do or say, they’re just not going to like you, and it’s beyond your control,” Levy says.

“That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work on yourself and develop yourself and learn to make people more comfortable, but at a certain point it’s like, what are you trying to accomplish?”

If it turns out that a coworker or even a childhood hero of yours doesn’t like your personality even when you’re at your best, then simply move on and spend time with someone else.

  1. Have a topic prepared to start a conversation.

Everyone’s been in a situation where you’re stuck with a stranger and neither of you has anything to say. So instead of talking about the weather or your commute, says Levy, “I always have a story of something I’ve been doing recently or a book that I’ve been reading.”

“Otherwise I hate the ‘interview’ setting, which is what happens when it’s like, ‘So what do you do? I do this. What do you do?’ That’s sharing facts, not insights. It’s not connecting,” he says.

  1. Tell a story that is clear and compelling.

When you tell a story, make sure it has a clear point and a punchline, whether it’s a takeaway or a joke. You should strive to be memorable when you’re meeting new people, and the best way to do so is through good storytelling.

  1. End conversations gracefully.

“I used to be absolutely awful, really awkward, at ending conversations,” Levy says, laughing. “The last moments of a conversation will define how people remember you, so you want to get really good at a solid ending,” instead of being rudely (or strangely) abrupt.

Over the phone, wait for a lull in the conversation and then give an indication that you need to be excused for something else or are happy with how the conversation went. Tell them it was a pleasure speaking with them and that you’ll make sure to follow up on certain points.

In person, Levy says he always takes an extra beat to make eye contact with the person he’s finished speaking with so that it doesn’t seem as if he’s running away.

  1. Keep meetings brief.

There’s no need to let an introductory meeting with a new connection last longer than 45 minutes, Levy says. And if you’re grabbing coffee or lunch, the ideal is probably a half hour.

“It’s better to leave the conversation having something to talk about and feeling like you need to connect again rather than feeling that the energy’s died,” Levy says.

  1. Be open. People are ultimately unpredictable.

You can’t be uptight if you’re looking to become a great networker. Do what you can to connect with people who are interesting, and don’t waste time with those who don’t mesh with your personality.

“One of the fundamental issues that we face as people is we are acutely aware of the things we tell ourselves to be aware of and then are aware of virtually nothing else,” Levy says.

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The fundamental element that defines the quality of your life is the people you surround yourself with and the conversations you have with them

  1. Appreciate that the most influential people operate on a different level.

If you want to surround yourself with executives and successful entrepreneurs, you first need to understand and respect that the lives of high-demand people are fundamentally different from even most chronically busy people, Levy says. Their schedules are likely filled with travel plans and meetings, with scarce free time dedicated to family.

“Everybody’s coming to them for answers. Everybody’s asking them the same questions millions of times. You can begin to think about, ‘OK, what is something different that I could provide this person that would make it worth their time to speak with me or meet with me?'” Levy says.

  1. Add value without expecting anything.

On that note, you should be thinking of how you can add value to a potential connection without expecting anything in return, at least immediately. Levy is a proponent of Wharton professor — and Influencers member — Adam Grant’s theory on “givers,” those who seek out opportunities to help people they respect and appreciate.

“If you’re a giver, then you build quality relationships, and with those relationships you’re exposed to opportunity over the long term,” Grant told Business Insider last year. “You actually increase your own luck so far as you contribute things to other people.

  1. Create memories.

Rahzel, former member of The Roots and beatboxing legend, joined the Influencers about a year ago and says that he’s amazed by Levy’s memory. “Jon can pinpoint people and the places and exact time he met them,” he says.

Levy says he’s boosted his memory with a simple trick. “For the most part our memory is visual, and it works based on novelty for something to really stick out,” he says. “If there’s somebody I meet that I really want to connect with, I try to create a moment that’s memorable and that can serve as tradition.”

This can mean sharing a special toast or asking a question that will elicit a unique response. For example, Levy met a Tinder exec recently and asked her about the first thing most people ask her. She said men who use the dating app often nervously ask if Tinder employees can read guys’ messages to other users. “Now I’ll never forget her!” he says.

  1. Make your introductions more interesting.

Most people just aren’t interesting in the way they communicate, Levy says. He thinks that Americans, especially, apply their efficient approach at work to how they meet people, talking in boring, direct ways about themselves.

“When people ask me what I do, I try to be a little elusive just to create some interest. So I tell people I spend most of my life trying to convince people to cook me dinner. Which is true,” he says, laughing. “A lot of my time is really spent around logistics, phone calls, and emails and all that. But the benefit of [my introduction] is that it sounds so different and then it’s much easier to connect.”

You may be better off delaying the job-talk for as long as possible. Levy has his dinner guests spend the majority of the evening refraining from discussing any aspect of their occupation, and encourages Salon guests to do the same, so that they can get to know each other personally.

New Yorker writer and author Maria Konnikova found this endearing when she attended one of Levy’s dinners and Salons. “At the Salon, you’re just enjoying the evening and figuring out which people you actually like, regardless of whether they can be helpful to you,” she says.

  1. Use the double opt-in system to introduce people to each other.

In keeping with being a “giver,” you should always be aware of which of your connections could be interested in meeting each other, and email is the easiest way to do so remotely.

Levy is comfortable connecting his closest friends through an email addressed to both of them, but he’ll use what Grant calls the “double opt-in” system for the busiest people in his network. If there’s a chance that the busier connection simply doesn’t have the time or desire to speak with the other person, a private email to both parties asking if they’d like to connect allows you to screen refusals without hurting anyone’s feelings.

And as Grant explains in an “Art of Charm” podcast, introduce people because you think they can add value to each other, not just because they happen to live in the same city.

  1. Befriend gatekeepers.

You’ll find that many of the world’s busiest people have assistants taking care of their emails, phone calls, and schedules. If that’s the case, it’s in your best interest to be on cordial terms with them if you’re looking to connect with their boss.

“If you can make friends with [the gatekeepers], you will be on their schedule,” Levy says.

He says that once he’s met someone in person and gotten their personal contact information, he’ll first try them directly the next time he wants to reach out. And if they don’t respond, he’ll try again with their assistant looped in.

“There’s no ego involved,” he says. Don’t feel slighted if you have to go through an assistant even after you’ve met someone. Whatever works for their schedule will work for you.

  1. Make cold calls.

To get in touch with influential people, you can’t be afraid of reaching out without precedent.

Levy recommends getting in touch with an executive sometime before 8 a.m. because it’s likely that they’re in their office but that their assistant isn’t. If you’re able to get access to their number, give them a call before their day becomes too hectic. There are databases like Who Represents that you can subscribe to that include the contact information of high-demand people and their gatekeepers.

And if you don’t want to use a database, you can try a free trick that Levy uses. Get just a single person’s email address from the company your target works for to determine the format (e.g. my email is so it makes sense that my colleague Drake Baer’s email is This sneaky tactic is actually how Levy recently got in touch with a Sony senior vice president.

Make sure, however, that if you’re reaching out you’ve actually got something of genuine value to share, as mentioned above.

  1. Write emails that will get replies.

Sending an introductory email to someone is low-risk because the worst-case scenario is that your message gets tossed and your name forgotten. But you can significantly increase the chance that your email will get a reply if you follow these tips, Levy says:

Don’t be a salesman. “I don’t try to convince them of anything in my message,” Levy says. “It’s not, ‘Oh, I think it would be really good to do this because of X, Y, and Z.’ [It’s] ‘This is what I do… I think what you’re doing is fascinating, and I’d like to sit down with you and talk about what you’re up to.'”
Keep it as short as possible. You’ll want to have the recipient take a look at your message and be able to give an adequate response, even if it takes them 30 seconds on their smartphone. When Levy emails a high-demand person like a celebrity, he keeps his email down to a single sentence that cuts out any trace of filler. If he emails an executive, who make decisions based on available information, he’ll limit his message to three to five sentences and include some links they can click if they’d like to learn more about him and the Influencers.
Offer a clear next step. If your recipient is interested in you, let them know how you’d like to take things forward by asking a question or extending an invite they can email reply to.
Entice them with your subject lines. If you’re being referred by someone in their inner circle, mention their name in the subject. Levy likes the subject line “Quick Question” because it signals to the reader that they can open the email and remain on a path to a cleaner inbox.
9. Follow up.

Be sure to send a quick follow-up email either later in the day or the next day after meeting someone for coffee or lunch. It’s proper etiquette that will keep you from looking like you’re selfishly using the other person.

  1. Organize your contacts.

If you’re looking to build a network on the scale of Levy’s, you could benefit from some simple organization.

Levy uses Google docs like a traditional phone book, but with contacts arranged by industry and ranked by the likelihood that they’ll do business together. He keeps separate lists for those in his Influencers community, potential members he’s reached out to, and those he’s interested in eventually connecting with.

jon levy

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Free knowledge promotes communism but in a very long run as so does the science development

Capitalism is to be completely exhausted so that a new class, with a high social awareness thanks to free access to information and development of social science and all technologies —over the next 30 years there will be more new graduated from university, thant were over the past 3 centuries— so that a new relevant conscience arises and rules the world in a similar way as dreamed by marxists.

It could be in 1 to 2 centuries one country at a time

•driven by new humans,

•when people is not longer required to work for surviving as there will be enough everything for all, thanks to computers and so. That way the men will be only required to work accoding to their skills and very well known development of their personalities and spiritual needs for no money will be necessary, you go to market or just order products according to your needs…

That’s communism. But the world yet is too primitive for all that. It is a complete nonsense to try all that now. That was what Marx said 150 years ago, and it will continue to be true for around that same time (150 years more)

Marx would be the Darwin for social science, if things happen according to his related ideas.

time runs against dictatorial systems like Cuban and Venezuelan today, for this is not the time to attempt such things due to the poor develoment of the productive resources. But 1 or  2 centuries the target would be all capitalist regimen, when no longer required to produce enough goods and a significant amount of new human wander about the world and take important possitions in the global chess game.

Some have already started.

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todos se roban… pero eso no es nada malo, es costumbre, tal vez para siempre la idiosincrasia del cubano.

En 2014, Silvio fue a buscar el pan. Esto fue lo que relató:

Hoy paso a buscar el pan y la señora dependienta me dice: “Fíjese que bueno está el pan de hoy”. Y, viendo que efectivamente el pan se ve más gordo que de costumbre, le respondo: “verdad que se ve grande, y ¿cuántos gramos tiene?” “Cincuenta”, dice ella. “Ah, –le digo– ¿esos son los gramos que debe tener?” “No”, me responde en tono de disculpa. “Los que debe tener por ley son ochenta”. Y agarro mi pan y me voy más o menos contento porque el de hoy, aunque esté 30 gramos más flaco que lo legal, parezca gordo. En definitiva –me digo pensando en los aguerridos panaderos–, ¿cuánto ganarán y cuántas bocas tendrán que mantener?… Y así pasa con muchas otras cosas a las que estamos acostumbrados. No sé si esa costumbre ya es idiosincrasia, y si tendrá que ser para siempre. 29 de junio de 2014, 14:41

Como pueden ver ya para él es perfectamente normal que todos roben. yo fui vencido en Cuba. me venció que no hubieran vías para denunciar tanta corrupción en Todas partes, y por supuesto ¿Cómo vas a resolver un problema si no puedes denunciarlo o peor aún si nadie cree que es un problema? Donde se dice idiosincrasia yo digo inmoralidad. Silvio… bueno, ya saben lo que dice Silvio; él no es capaz de concebir otra Cuba que no sea esa en la que Todos se roban. Carlos Varela:

A tu padre le robaron la radio del auto, tú le robas los cigarros cuando está llegando el sábado a ti te roban cuando estás frente al televisor, a ti te roban las ganas, te roban las ganas de amor. Al vecino le robaron la ropa del patio, él se robaba el dinero de la caja donde trabaja a ti te roban cuando estás en un mostrador, a ti te roban las ganas, te roban las ganas de amor. A tu padre le robaron las piezas del auto, él las compra a sobreprecio al mismo tipo que se las roba a ti te roban los porteros y el cobrador, a ti te roban las ganas, te roban las ganas de amor. Hay ladrones que se esconden dentro de tu cuarto, se esconden en los libros, en el diario y la televisión a ti te roban la cabeza y el corazón y a ti te roban las ganas, te roban las ganas de amor. No me preguntes más por los condenados a vivir en la prisión. No me preguntes más por los que robaron y ahora esconden su mansión. Si todos se roban, todos se roban.

Silvio, to el mundo se roba: Silvio, ¿es ahí en Cuba donde mantienen vivo a Martí?

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NYT Columnist: Yale Police Stopped My Son At Gunpoint

World News - Breaking International News Headlines and Leaks

charles blow nyt column

Blow relayed what his son told him had happened in an op-ed published Sunday. Tahj Blow, who is black and is a student at Yale University, was walking home from the campus library when he realized a police officer was following him. The officer then allegedly raised his gun and told Tahj to turn around and get on the ground.

The officer allowed Tahj to get up and walk away after answering a few questions. But a few seconds later, the officer told Tahj to turn around again to show the back of his jacket and asked him to produce ID.

A female officer who approached Tahj after the first officer let him go a second time explained that some students had called about a…

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On Poets

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FBI: We Found Three Russian Spies In New York City

World News - Breaking International News Headlines and Leaks

putin Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a meeting with his Kazakh counterpart Nursultan Nazarbayev at the Kremlin in Moscow, December 22, 2014.

The FBI announced on Monday that it had busted a Russian spy ring.

According to a federal complaint filed by FBI special agent Gregory Monaghan in a Manhattan federal court on Friday, an alleged spy, Evgeny Buryakov, posed as a banker in the New York office of an unnamed Russian bank.

However, Monaghan said Buryakov (a.k.a. “Zhenya”) was actually on “deep cover” and working for Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service to gather intelligence and transmit it back to Moscow.

The complaint also alleges that Buryakov helped “formulating questions to be used for intelligence-gathering purposes by others associated with a leading Russian-state-owned news organization.”

Additionally, the complaint said Buryakov worked with two other men who were involved in intelligence gathering activities for the Foreign Intelligence Service (also known as the SVR) — Victor Podobnyy…

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In the next 30 years we will be watching the maturation and contributions of Generation Z

 “This is the first generation to grow up with wide access to advanced technology since their birth. I have seen kids like my godson — born in 2011 — be able to navigate a tablet computer from before he was able to form complete sentences. I think that this type of exposure to super-computers, tablets, smartphones and social media since infancy makes their brains different, and as this generation comes of age and begins to take their place as leaders in society over the next 30 years, I think we will see mind-blowing advancements in every aspect of life that technology can affect.”

Ryan Coogler, filmmaker

I hope & work for the best. This generation achievements will 50% depend on what values we promote on them.

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Deep inside the Cuban lens: That moment when you suddenly care.

Un Pedacito de Cuba

When looking at Cuba from the outside, we see, a tiny spec of an island that has been under the US thumb for half a century. Not many people out here have even noticed that was the case. Unless of course you are either from Cuba or from the US.

The rest of the world, in general terms, don’t really care. But they don’t care until one day. As soon as they visit Cuba, they care.

ThPicture 235e country opens its door to foreigners with a innumerable set of rules for entering. One of them is about not bringing food into the country, yet, you notice Cuba is limping in the area of accessing food. Then as soon as you leave the airport, you sense Cuban people have a smile on their face, but you also understand very well this is an island full of people trying to make ends…

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what is widely known as the world’s largest annual human migration

If you’re planning to travel around China during the coming Lunar New Year, you won’t be alone. You’ll be traveling along with hundreds of millions of locals making more than 2.8 billion trips in what is widely known as the world’s largest annual human migration.
Between Feb. 2 and Mar. 15, droves of Chinese migrant workers, white collar workers and students will fan out from the country’s urban centers to visit family and friends in nooks and crannies across the country. According to recent government projections, this year’s migration will entail 2.4 billion road trips, 295 million train journeys and 47.5 million voyages by air. (Authorities didn’t specify what percentage of travelers would make it home in time for the festive fireworks, or even if they would arrive at all.)
To help ease the mayhem, China Real Time has devised a handy list of travel tips to help you stand apart from the crowd and stay sane during the travel-season rush.

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Am I the only Cuban girl in the world that owns an Ice Fishing Shack? I love it!!

good ice fishing cubans in Canada😁😉

Un Pedacito de Cuba

They say when in Rome…. Ok, maybe I took it to a whole new next level, but I am Cuban, live in Ottawa and I own an ice fishing shack.

I come from a country where (literally) people won’t go to work if it rains. I moved to Canada in 2005: looking for a better life. Totally ignoring I was moving to the 2nd coldest capital city in the world. The first time – 20 C hit, not going to work was not an option. And people looked at me weird when I suggested that not going to work when it’s that cold should be added to the office’s protocols. Very soon I had to trade my cute high heel boots by a pair that make me look like a mama bear. I got an ‘astronaut’ looking coat, and got my ‘ars’ to work.

Bit it didn’t stop there. A…

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Jessica Strub Alvarado Callejas by RalfEyertt

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Dark by Maxshirkov

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WHAT THEY WANT: USA🔹 and CUBA🔸; the second🔸, the end of US punishments (“blockade, some immigration laws and support to disidents”), the fist🔹•••

US, wants to enjoy better relations with latinamerican countries, to pursue US’ interests that include promoting democratic values and economic affairs.

So that this guy came out with:

So, once again we, the U.S. Government, is seeking to impart our will of a free and democratic Cuba on another government and expect them to roll over and play dead. What ever happened to respect for other cultures? What ever happened to diplomacy? This is akin to me walking into your house and telling you that you must now eat as a vegan. Which finger would you flash at me?


…so that for this person the criminal behavior of Cuban dictator is similar with a vegan diet. So good, so well. That’s why things happen.

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She walked as if on water without a sound she appeared

Into the room the light transparent a silver mist enveloped her sphere

Her eyes sparkled like the sea twinkling corners of a laugh

Bemused but filled with rapture at your stilted path

Seeing you seeing her feeling so elate

Pulses soaring in throbs like a hammer

From her soft swinging hips sauntering in strides of heat

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Last chance! Travel to Cuba before the Cuba we know today no longer exists!

love u, j

Un Pedacito de Cuba

If you plan to go to Mexico this year, don’t! Put off your Mexico Lindo plans for nextPicture 088 year and go see Cuba before it totally changes from ‘un-touched” to same as everywhere.

The thing is, after more than half a century living with an forbidding embargo, the US recently announced economic openings towards Cuba that I can assure you will erase most of those ‘back in time’ feelings Cuba gives you today.

I hope to give you a flavour of the most evident ones that will become dinosaurs in no time. And for those that know and love Cuba, these will be the biggest slap in the face when they change:

Time will no longer mean time: The first free foreign investment contracts between Cuba and the US are in the works as we speak. But regardless of the avalanche that’s coming, Capitalism is not there yet. You…

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socialism, why not?

I mean it in its purest and most basic natural way: freedom of talk about anything anytime, freedom to be wherever the person wants to be, freedom to move, freedom to study and work in whatever the person wishes, freedom to relate to others, any other person(s) anytime, anywhere… freedom to live where and how the person wishes…. freedom to…. freedom to…. freedom to….

Those of us who are fortunate enough to have freedom (at least theoretically) usually take it for granted, it is not until someone sees the real thing of an oppressive communist regime, for real, (I have seen it), that such individual values and appreciates each and every single form of freedom he or she has.

In the economic side of things, it is absolutely not sustainable that a government “owns everything” and “provides for everything” and “controls everything”

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life is so rich!!!

Ole lost his job and was having a hard time finding another. He saw a notice at the church he attended, that they needed a janitor so he visited the pastor to ask him for the job. The pastor was delighted and was about to hire him until they discussed the need for him to answer the phone and write down messages.
“I can’t read nor write,” said Ole.
“I’m sorry,” said the pastor, “but it is essential to the job.”
Ole gave up looking for work in Minneapolis and took a train to Seattle, where he got a job on a fishing boat. He did well and soon owned his own boat and in time became the owner of a small fleet of fishing boats.
One day Ole decided that if he had his own cannery, he could better control what he was paid for his catch so he looked into the matter and decided he would need a loan from the bank
The banker surveyed Ole’s assets and happily granted Ole a loan.
“Just sign the agreement and the money is yours,” said the banker.
Ole made his X on the dotted line.
“You mean you can’t write?” said the banker.
“I never learned to skreet my name,” says Ole.
“You mean to tell me you can’t read or write and yet you have built this entire business? Can you imagine where you’d be if you could read and write?” the banker exclaimed.
“Ya,” said Ole, “I’d be a Yanitor in Minneapolis.”

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Chinese firm 3D-prints a 5 story house

Follow The Money


A Chinese company has used 3D printers to create five-story homes using construction waste. The project architects say this is the world’s tallest building constructed using this technology.

The new project is the brainchild of Shanghai-based WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Co, who also managed to use 3D printing technology to create a 1,100 square meters villa in the Suzhou industrial park of China’s Jiangsu Province. It is not known how comfortable the buildings will be to live in, but one cannot argue with the cost, the villa complete with interior decoration cost a little over $160,000.

According to the 3D printing website, it took the company a day to print one level of the building and another five to put it together. In order to undertake the mammoth task, the company used a massive 150-meter long and 6 meter high printer. They use recycled building waste for…

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A “potentially historic” storm could dump 2 to 3 feet of snow from northern New Jersey to southern Maine starting tomorrow

This Monday, crippling a region that has largely been spared so far this winter, the National Weather Service said.
A blizzard warning was issued for a 250-mile stretch of the Northeast, including New York and Boston, and the National Weather Service said the massive storm would bring heavy snow, powerful winds and widespread coastal flooding starting Monday and through Tuesday.
“This could be a storm the likes of which we have never seen before,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said at a news conference Sunday.
De Blasio held up a piece of paper showing the city’s top 10 snowstorms and said this one could land at the top of a list that goes back to 1872, including the 26.9 inches that fell in 2006. “Don’t underestimate this storm. Prepare for the worst,” he said as he urged residents to plan to leave work early Monday.
Boston is expected to get 18 to 24 inches of snow, with up to 3 feet west of the city, and Philadelphia could see 14 to 18 inches, the weather service said.
“We do anticipate very heavy snowfall totals,” said Bob Oravec, lead forecaster with the weather service in College Park, Maryland. “In addition to heavy snow, with blizzard warnings, there’s a big threat of high, damaging winds, and that will be increasing Monday into Tuesday. A lot of blowing, drifting and such.”
Wind gusts of 75 mph or more are possible for coastal areas of Massachusetts, and up to 50 mph further inland, Oravec said.
Airlines prepared to shut down operations along the East Coast, leading to the expected cancellation of more than 1,400 flights scheduled for Monday, according to the flight tracking site FlightAware.
A weekend storm that had brought snow and slush to the Northeast – the first real snow of the season for many areas – was just a warm-up.
“Looks like our luck is about to run out,” said John Paulsen as he gassed up his SUV in New Jersey. “I can’t complain too much since we’ve had a pretty mild winter, but I don’t know if I’m ready for a foot or so of snow all at once.”
The storm system driving out of the Midwest brought several inches of snow to Ohio on Sunday and was expected to ultimately spread from the nation’s capital to Maine for a “crippling and potentially historic blizzard,” the National Weather Service said.
The Washington area expected only a coating or a bit more, with steadily increasing amounts as the storm plods its way north.
At New York’s Penn Station, Cicero Goncalves was waiting for a train to Vermont, where he’s going snowboarding, because he expected the flight he had hoped to take would be canceled.
But the 34-year-old flight attendant from Queens – who was dressed in a full-length bear costume – counted himself and his travel partner as lucky. “We’ll get there before it snows, and we’re coming back when the storm is over, on Thursday,” he said.
Preparations large and small were in effect elsewhere in New York. A Manhattan Home Depot store sold about twice as many shovels over the weekend as it normally does, and transit officials hoping to keep the subways running smoothly planned to use modified subway cars loaded with de-icing fluid to spray the third rail that powers trains.
Farther north, snow plow driver Al Laplant expected to be out clearing roads of Simsbury, Connecticut, this week, just as he has for more than two decades. But even for a plow driver, the snow is no cakewalk.
“It’s kind of exhilarating,” he said. “But at the same time, I’ve been doing it for 27 years, so I’m kind of tired of it myself.”
The Super Bowl-bound New England Patriots also expected to be out – as in out of town – by the time the storm arrives in Boston. The team plans to leave Logan Airport at 12:30 p.m. Monday for Phoenix, where the temperature will reach the high 60s.

Associated Press writers Pat Eaton-Robb in Hartford, Connecticut; Bruce Shipkowski in Trenton, New Jersey; Deepti Hajela in New York; Albert Stumm in Philadelphia; and Marcy Gordon in Washington contributed to this report.

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Masticando verdades y escupiendo mentiras (Cuba: de “La Hija del Gusano”)

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Kenyan grandmother at school with her great-great-grandchildren

Ninety-year-old student: ‘Education will be your wealth’
Priscilla Sitienei has enrolled in primary school for the first time in her life – at the age of 90.

“I’d like to be able to read the Bible; I also want to inspire children to get an education.
“Too many older children are not in school. They even have children themselves.”
Gogo says she confronts children who are not in school and asks them why.
“They tell me they are too old,” she says, “I tell them, ‘Well I am at school and so should you.’
“I see children who are lost, children who are without fathers, just going round and round, hopeless. I want to inspire them to go to school.”

image image

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Your room gives you the perfect answer –

Roof says: Aim high
Fan Says: Be cool
Clock says: Value time
Calendar says: Be up to date
Wallet says: Save now for future
Mirror says: Observe yourself
Wall says: Share other’s load
Window says: Expand the vision
Floor says: Always be down to earth

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opiniones “de” Silvio Rodríguez Domínguez

Silvio, de 68 años, expresa “sus” ideas (entre comillas él, sin comillas yo):

“Ellos (los gobiernos de EEUU) son los que han querido cambiarnos, no nosotros a ellos.”

Toda la diplomacia, propaganda y militarismo stalinista de los Castros estuvo destinada a propiciar “la victoria del mundo de los oprimidos” el mundo comunista que se les desmerengó hace 5 lustros.

“Ellos nos mandaron invasiones, no nosotros a ellos.”

Se refiere seguramente a Girón, hace 54 años; en el contexto de la Guerra Fria en que terminaron dando la razón a Kennedy cuando los Castros aceptaron armas nucleares que pusieron en peligro la sobreviviencia de toda la Humanidad

“Ellos nos bloquearon, no nosotros a ellos. Ellos inventaron todos los tipos de confrontaciones, no nosotros…”

quienes han necesitado de la “amenaza” y confrontación por 56 años son los Castros, para mantener un gran ejército que ha combatido en cuanto rincón le fue permitido y mientras les era posible, para que el gobierno de los EEUU “no se atreva a agredirnos militarmente…” y “avanzar la causa de los desposeídos…”

por qué será q Silvio miente?

…mira a los tipos que obama le regala dinero.

“Sus” ideas tomadas de su tercer comentario (Silvio) en este post:

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Families in Cuba are obliged to give notice to its goverment through the CDR (Committees of Defense of the Revolution), thus subjecting the whole country to a complete system of espionage, also funtioning in each school and job; with no Internet, no press, no television, no radio, no political groups,…

… but obama Hopes.

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en los 30 años que seguirán habrán más graduados de las universidades que los que han habido en toda la historia —evidentemente, no será este un mundo para gente como Maduro (Venezuela)

después de 10 páginas de su libro, se refuerza en mí la idea del papel que tiene ese componente caprichoso de la existencia, lo casual en la Historia, responsable de Todo lo que hemos sido.
Por otro lado pienso, que tal vez, con la masificación del conocimiento —en los próximos 30 años tendremos más graduados de universidad que los que han habido en toda la historia (evidentemente, no será este un mundo para gente como Maduro (Venezuela)—; con la masificación del acceso al conocimiento además (Internet); la historia dependerá cada vez menos de las casualidades que crearon grandes personas, que hicieron los caminos andados. Cada vez seremos más los constructores de caminos. Seguirán habiendo grandes líderes que nos guien, pero los caminos los constriremos entre todos, en estas discisiones gigantes que han creado las redes, en esta difusión del conocimiento útil. El que no se sume, quedará a un lado, será arrastrado por tanta corriente.

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tu mente s lo único que posees para tener cierto control sobre aspectos relevantes. Si te dejas arrastrar por vicios, adicciones: ellas controlarán todo, tu serás un títere

.Ante cualquier cosa adictiva (sustancias que crean dependencia TODAS, entretenimientos vacios, sedentarismo físico e intelectual, rechazo al trabajo, … —menos las buenas lecturas, en las q aprendes cosas útiles— ):

debes eliminarlas inmediatamente, la alternativa es que si le das cualquier oportunidad, ellas te eliminen a tí. Actúa firme ante esto, de lo contrario tú sólo retas un juguete de tus vicios.

…si ya estás atrapado, busca teatamiento especializado. No esperes a q destruya lo q queda de tí

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There comes a time where you need to stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn’t jump puddles for you

. It’s important to follow your heart, but equally important to take your brain with you.

. It is impossible to make the same mistake twice, because the second time is a choice.

. It is better to be unique that trying to be perfect.

. Life is too short to be serious all the time. If you can’t laugh at yourself, call someone who will laugh at you.

. That tingly feeling that is experienced when you like someone is often common sense leaving the body.

. It’s better to have loved and lost than to do thirty pounds of laundry a week.

. Take the opportunity to smile while you still have teeth.

The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it back in your pocket.

To succeed in life, you need three things – a wishbone, a backbone and a funnybone.

There’s a difference between being anti-social and anti-stupid.

. Moving on is much easier to accept when you realise the other person was batsh*t crazy.

If anybody needs me, I’ll be in the pub…

You can also find me on Twitter and Tumblr @suzie81blog and don’t forget to check out my Facebook page at



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el mundo es de los más creativos y saben explotar sus talentos

Ella fue a ver a un especialista. En esta habitación de paneles de roble con su mamá y la llevaron y la sentaron en una silla en el rincón, y ella se sentó sobre sus manos por 20 minutos mientras el hombre hablaba con su mamá sobre los problemas que Gillian tenía en la escuela. Ella molestaba a los otros, entregaba tarde la tarea, una pequeña niña de 8 – al final el doctor se sentó junto a Gillian y le dijo: “Gillian, escuché todo lo que tu mamá me dijo y necesito hablar en privado con ella”. Le dijo: “Espera aquí, no nos vamos a tardar”. y se fueron y la dejaron sola. Pero al salir de la sala, él encendió la radio que estaba sobre su escritorio. Y cuando salieron de la habitación, él le dijo a su madre: “Sólo espere y observémosla”. Y en el momento en que salieron Gillian se paró y comenzó a moverse al ritmo de la música. Y la miraron por unos minutos y el doctor se volvió a su madre y le dijo: “Sra. Lynne, Gillian no está enferma, ella es una bailarina, llévela a la escuela de danza.”

Le dije: “Y ¿qué pasó?” Ella dijo: “Me llevó y fue maravilloso. Entramos a esta habitación y estaba llena de gente como yo. Gente que no se podía quedar quieta. Gente que tenía que moverse para pensar.” Practicaban ballet, tap, jazz, danza moderna y contemporánea Eventualmente entró a la escuela del Royal Ballet, se volvió solista, tuvo una carrera maravillosa con el Royal Ballet. Eventualmente se graduó de la escuela y fundó su propia compañía, la Compañía de Danza de Gillian Lynne, conoció a Andrew Lloyd Weber. Ella ha sido la responsable de algunas de las obras musicales más exitosas de la historia, le ha dado placer a millones, y es multi-millonaria. Otro quizás la habría medicado y le habría dicho que se calmara. (aplausos)

Lo que creo es que se trata de esto – Al Gore habló la otra noche sobre ecología, y la revolución detonada por Rachel Carson. Yo creo que nuestra única esperanza para el futuro es adoptar una nueva concepción de la ecología humana, una en que reconstituyamos nuestro concepto de la riqueza de la capacidad humana. Nuestro sistema educativo ha explotado nuestras mentes como nosotros lo hacemos con la tierra: buscando un recurso en particular. Y para el futuro esto no nos va a servir. Debemos re-pensar los principios fundamentales bajo los que estamos educando a nuestros hijos. Hay una cita maravillosa de Jonas Salk: “Si desaparecieran todos los insectos de la tierra, en 50 años toda la vida en la Tierra desaparecería. Si todos los seres humanos desaparecieran de la Tierra, en 50 años todas las formas de vida florecerían”. Y él tiene razón.

Lo que TED celebra es el regalo de la imaginación humana. Debemos usar este regalo de manera sabia para poder evitar algunos de los escenarios sobre los que hemos hablado. Y la única manera es ver lo ricas que son nuestras capacidades creativas, y ver la esperanza que nuestros hijos representan. Y nuestra tarea es educar su ser completo para que puedan enfrentar el futuro. A propósito, puede que nosotros no veamos ese futuro pero ello sí lo van a ver. Y nuestro trabajo es ayudar a que ellos hagan algo de ese futuro.

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LO QUE TODOS QUIEREN | inteligencia

si miras el resultado, los que tienen éxito en este sistema, quienes hacen todo lo que deberían, los que se llevan las estrellitas, los ganadores… Tendrías que concluir que el propósito de la educación pública en todo el mundo es producir profesores universitarios,

¿o no? Son las personas que más se benefician de estos sistemas de “educación”. Y yo solía ser uno, así que ahí tienen. (risas)

Y me gustan los profesores universitarios, pero no deberíamos considerarlos el logro más grande de la humanidad. Son sólo una forma de vida, otra forma de vida. Y son extraños, y digo con esto con afecto. En mi experiencia hay algo curioso sobre los profesores, no todos, pero en general, viven en sus cabezas. Viven ahí arriba y un poco hacia un lado. Están fuera de su cuerpo, de manera casi literal. Ven sus cuerpos como una forma de transporte para sus cabezas. (risas) Es una manera de llevar sus cabezas a las reuniones. Si quieren evidencia real de experiencias extracorporales, acudan a una conferencia de altos académicos y vayan a la discoteca en la noche final. (risas) Y ahí lo verán, hombres y mujeres adultos contorsionándose incontrolablemente, a destiempo, esperando a que termine para ir a casa a escribir un artículo sobre ello.

Nuestro sistema educativo se basa en la idea de habilidad académica. Y hay una razón. Cuando todo el sistema fue inventado. en el mundo, no habían sistemas educativos antes del siglo XIX. Todos surgieron para llenar las necesidades de la industrialización. Así que la jerarquía se basa en dos ideas. Número uno, que las materias más útiles para el trabajo son más importantes. Así que probablemente te alejaron gentilmente de las cosas que te gustaban cuando niño, con el argumento de que nunca ibas a encontrar un trabajo haciendo eso. ¿Cierto? No hagas música, no vas a ser músico; no hagas arte, no vas a ser un artista. Consejo benigno, y hoy profundamente equivocado. El mundo entero está envuelto en una revolución. Y la segunda idea es la habilidad académica, que ha llegado a dominar nuestra visión de la inteligencia, porque las universidades diseñaron el sistema a su imagen. Si lo piensan, todo el sistema de educación pública en el mundo es un extenso proceso de admisión universitaria. Y la consecuencia es que muchas personas talentosas, brillantes y creativas piensan que no lo son, porque aquello para lo que eran buenos en la escuela no era valorado o incluso era estigmatizado. Y pienso que no podemos darnos el lujo de seguir por este camino.

En los próximos 30 años, según la UNESCO, más personas, en el mundo, se van a graduar del sistema educativo que el total desde el principio de la historia. Más personas. Esto es la combinación de todas las cosas que hemos hablado, la tecnología y su transformación del trabajo, y la gran explosión demográfica. Súbitamente, los títulos ya no valen nada. Cuando yo era estudiante si tu tenías un título tenías un trabajo. Si no tenías uno era porque no querías. Yo no quería un trabajo, francamente. (risas) Pero ahora los jóvenes con títulos muchas veces vuelven a sus casas para seguir jugando video juegos, porque necesitas una maestría para el trabajo que antes requería un bachillerato. Y ahora necesitas un doctorado para el otro. Es un proceso de inflación académica, que indica que toda la estructura de la educación se está moviendo bajo nuestros pies. Debemos cambiar radicalmente nuestra idea de la inteligencia

Sabemos tres cosas sobre la inteligencia. Primero, que es diversa. Pensamos sobre el mundo de todas las maneras en que lo experimentamos. Visualmente, en sonidos, pensamos kinestésicamente. Pensamos en términos abstractos, en movimiento. Segundo, la inteligencia es dinámica. Si observas las interacciones del cerebro humano, como escuchamos ayer en varias presentaciones, la inteligencia es maravillosamente interactiva. El cerebro no está dividido en compartimientos. De hecho, la creatividad, que yo defino como el proceso de tener ideas originales que tengan valor, casi siempre ocurre a través de la interacción de cómo ven las cosas diferentes disciplinas.


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