to be a very useful propaganda icon 4 communism since 1959: as he died very young, only 39y/o (in 1967), was a formidable tool to be transformed in a saint.

alive, he was not a José Martí, a Maceo, a Gomez, a Fidel Castro but a good soldier who failed to pair those who really moved their people to new achiavable goals.

was not Cuban and fought for Cubans’ revolution which has been very useful to construct the icon, but failed (as failed the rest of the leaders) to leave even in Cuba a long term revolution of its Education and Economy: so they are perishable Mickey Mouse revolutions (You will see)

Che: an instrument, even more useful dead than when alive. A powerful one to contribute to changes driven by communism in the world. An instrument that goes on, while others failed for ever: this has been his only achievement, to always go on in the mind of those that know nothing about Che or Communism (fans are the same always: a lot of passion, a lot of wind, a lot of more of the same, a lack of doing what really is important for their lives to improve, an avoidence like when one is doing drugs; a dream, very useful to continue being a useless person).

…and all these are positive achievements, anything that is necessary is possitive, too many people need Che, hopefuly they are fewer with the time, he’s got a rival (steve jobs)


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by | 2016-05-24 · 3:42 AM

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