i know:

Be WITH the person you love, that love you too. This is the most important fact ever. Be sure it is Love, do not be ignorant on Love facts and also:

  • eat well (avoid sugar, salt, animal fat, dairy, gluten, diet drinks… On the other hand Eat nuts, vegetables, fish, BBQ…)

  • exercise: do whatever is possible for u during at least 5 min bit do it well; if you can do it for an hour, great! Do it before 6:00 PM so that you can cool down and sleep

  • Relax;

  • Sleep well;

  • Avoid worries;

  • Do good, be confident u r doing good;

  • Do what u love and make love;

  • Do not take anything so serious;

  • Change what u can and leave what u can not if it is killing u;

  • Treat any addiction, do not exagerate on nothing, be far from any extreme and The peace will be with U. Nothing will disturb u mostly if u know that a ship only can be sank if the water get inside it. Do not attach to anything. Let all go but hope and good thoughts.

Do not believe in what doctors recommend blindly. read, look for others opinions

Learn what are the good sources to believe (internet sites, persons, publications) most recommendation are opinions not science. It’s science to do what is needed to detect cancer early (uterus, colon, prostate, skin,lung) and to determine your lipids (fat) in blood and to know what is your family hereditary condition. Keep your blood presure under 120/80 or as low as your age and medical conditions allow you… The secret is to be in control. check those parameters at least once yearly if always are normal and you feel ok but follow weekly or montly the one that went wrong but above all be happy and relax, sleep and eat well… Happiness produce substances that cure most problems. It is true.

Is easy to know what to do. The difficult is to do it.

Source: Medicine has been my bussiness in 5 countries over the last 25 years.

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