i came from

I come from a communist country and though my parents got me out of there when I was four I heard enough stories to be very grateful that they got me out of there. I have a lot of family still there who I keep in touch with and again thank goodness I’m here and not there. Unless you you want to be stripped of all your freedoms and have the government control your life you wouldn’t like it. Unless you want no choices on laws passed and voting rights you wouldn’t like it. Unless you want to never advance in your field, run your own business and travel where ever you want you wouldn’t like it. Sure free medical but how free is it when you have to wait a year for an MRI? People who haven’t lived it will never understand it. Sure if the communists running the country was a great man looking out for his country then he wouldn’t be afraid of free elections so since people have no say in who’s running it they do what they want

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