I wish school would teach values and ethics and morality

From a reader:

Thanks for the post. I absolutely hated going to school. First and foremost is that I have a learning disability that I never knew I had and parents that felt it was the school’s job to teach me. Second I never felt that any of the information was relevant. It is only now that I’m my thirtys that I have a desire to learn some of these things. lol. But just out of curiosity and not for me to prove myself on some meaningless test. I wish school would teach values and ethics and morality. I wish it would prepare you for the future and not just you need to know this so that we can teach you this next year and blah blah blah .. there goes 13 years of your life down the tube. almost 20 if you go to a 4 year college. I do agree that everyone person should be literate. But beyond that I think should be entirely up to the person. What do you need a college education for in a company that has you fill out forms or interact with people?

People who succeed seemed to be people who are innovative or have a drive to go to the top with nothing stopping them (lying, cheating, stealing too). Nothing honestly in my life has prepared me for life.


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