24-year-old JOB INTERVIEW

[O]ne day there came to see me a 24-year-old–man, come from [Mexico] seeking a faculty position. His demeanor was very proper, his appearance pleasant, and his manner of expression easy and agreeable. I liked him.

I asked him to tell me who he was and what skills he had for the classroom, to which he responded:

—“I am Cuban, I’ve come from Mexico, and my name is ]osé Martí. My teaching skills . . .

—“José Martí! I interrupted. “That name is not unknown to me: I’ve seen it as that of the author of a pamphlet that speaks of the torments that the Spanish government inflicts upon the poor Cubans it sends to the work camps in Africa. Perhaps . . .”

—“Yes sir, I am the author of that pamphlet and the martyr to which it refers.”

—“Well then, Mr. Martí, your twofold worthiness as a Cuban and martyr make you completely worthy of my sympathies: You may count on the position you seek.

the article on prisoners in Habana was written 6 years before in Spain, by 18 years old Pepe. 6 years he has spent in recovering from physical illness (sarcoidosis) and lifting his family from the poverty that has killed 3 of his 7 sisters. Now, 1977, Pepe is in Guatemala, Central American Country, for the dictator Diaz expelled him from Mexico in past December, as the Spaniard metropoly did from Cuba a month before. It’s April.


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