Raul Castro got cold feet: his 4 provocative conditions to the US can ruin it for Cuba

Un Pedacito de Cuba

Ever since the announcement of the re-establishing Cuba – US diplomatic relationship last December, Cuban ex-leader Fidel Castro had not said a beep about the deal. After that, Cuban and U.S. IMG_4506 - Copydiplomats had a chat about re-establishing embassies in Washington and Havana. During the talks, the longstanding enemies expressed they hoped to coexist despite their gigantic political differences. Which, is a really good outcome of being just the first round of negotiations. After that, Obama went as far as announcing the lifting of some economic sanctions and ease travel restrictions for U.S. citizens wishing to visit the island.

But last Monday (Jan 26, 2014) Fidel Castro spoke and the course of history changed. He shared with the world his lack of trust for his long standing enemy, the Americans. He also informed the world this befriending the US was all his brother’s doing, reiterating he had nothing to do with…

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