Free knowledge promotes communism but in a very long run as so does the science development

Capitalism is to be completely exhausted so that a new class, with a high social awareness thanks to free access to information and development of social science and all technologies —over the next 30 years there will be more new graduated from university, thant were over the past 3 centuries— so that a new relevant conscience arises and rules the world in a similar way as dreamed by marxists.

It could be in 1 to 2 centuries one country at a time

•driven by new humans,

•when people is not longer required to work for surviving as there will be enough everything for all, thanks to computers and so. That way the men will be only required to work accoding to their skills and very well known development of their personalities and spiritual needs for no money will be necessary, you go to market or just order products according to your needs…

That’s communism. But the world yet is too primitive for all that. It is a complete nonsense to try all that now. That was what Marx said 150 years ago, and it will continue to be true for around that same time (150 years more)

Marx would be the Darwin for social science, if things happen according to his related ideas.

time runs against dictatorial systems like Cuban and Venezuelan today, for this is not the time to attempt such things due to the poor develoment of the productive resources. But 1 or  2 centuries the target would be all capitalist regimen, when no longer required to produce enough goods and a significant amount of new human wander about the world and take important possitions in the global chess game.

Some have already started.


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