WHAT THEY WANT: USA🔹 and CUBA🔸; the second🔸, the end of US punishments (“blockade, some immigration laws and support to disidents”), the fist🔹•••

US, wants to enjoy better relations with latinamerican countries, to pursue US’ interests that include promoting democratic values and economic affairs.

So that this guy came out with:

So, once again we, the U.S. Government, is seeking to impart our will of a free and democratic Cuba on another government and expect them to roll over and play dead. What ever happened to respect for other cultures? What ever happened to diplomacy? This is akin to me walking into your house and telling you that you must now eat as a vegan. Which finger would you flash at me?


…so that for this person the criminal behavior of Cuban dictator is similar with a vegan diet. So good, so well. That’s why things happen.


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