Last chance! Travel to Cuba before the Cuba we know today no longer exists!

love u, j

Un Pedacito de Cuba

If you plan to go to Mexico this year, don’t! Put off your Mexico Lindo plans for nextPicture 088 year and go see Cuba before it totally changes from ‘un-touched” to same as everywhere.

The thing is, after more than half a century living with an forbidding embargo, the US recently announced economic openings towards Cuba that I can assure you will erase most of those ‘back in time’ feelings Cuba gives you today.

I hope to give you a flavour of the most evident ones that will become dinosaurs in no time. And for those that know and love Cuba, these will be the biggest slap in the face when they change:

Time will no longer mean time: The first free foreign investment contracts between Cuba and the US are in the works as we speak. But regardless of the avalanche that’s coming, Capitalism is not there yet. You…

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