Deep inside the Cuban lens: That moment when you suddenly care.

Un Pedacito de Cuba

When looking at Cuba from the outside, we see, a tiny spec of an island that has been under the US thumb for half a century. Not many people out here have even noticed that was the case. Unless of course you are either from Cuba or from the US.

The rest of the world, in general terms, don’t really care. But they don’t care until one day. As soon as they visit Cuba, they care.

ThPicture 235e country opens its door to foreigners with a innumerable set of rules for entering. One of them is about not bringing food into the country, yet, you notice Cuba is limping in the area of accessing food. Then as soon as you leave the airport, you sense Cuban people have a smile on their face, but you also understand very well this is an island full of people trying to make ends…

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