Am I the only Cuban girl in the world that owns an Ice Fishing Shack? I love it!!

good ice fishing cubans in Canada😁😉

Un Pedacito de Cuba

They say when in Rome…. Ok, maybe I took it to a whole new next level, but I am Cuban, live in Ottawa and I own an ice fishing shack.

I come from a country where (literally) people won’t go to work if it rains. I moved to Canada in 2005: looking for a better life. Totally ignoring I was moving to the 2nd coldest capital city in the world. The first time – 20 C hit, not going to work was not an option. And people looked at me weird when I suggested that not going to work when it’s that cold should be added to the office’s protocols. Very soon I had to trade my cute high heel boots by a pair that make me look like a mama bear. I got an ‘astronaut’ looking coat, and got my ‘ars’ to work.

Bit it didn’t stop there. A…

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