life is so rich!!!

Ole lost his job and was having a hard time finding another. He saw a notice at the church he attended, that they needed a janitor so he visited the pastor to ask him for the job. The pastor was delighted and was about to hire him until they discussed the need for him to answer the phone and write down messages.
“I can’t read nor write,” said Ole.
“I’m sorry,” said the pastor, “but it is essential to the job.”
Ole gave up looking for work in Minneapolis and took a train to Seattle, where he got a job on a fishing boat. He did well and soon owned his own boat and in time became the owner of a small fleet of fishing boats.
One day Ole decided that if he had his own cannery, he could better control what he was paid for his catch so he looked into the matter and decided he would need a loan from the bank
The banker surveyed Ole’s assets and happily granted Ole a loan.
“Just sign the agreement and the money is yours,” said the banker.
Ole made his X on the dotted line.
“You mean you can’t write?” said the banker.
“I never learned to skreet my name,” says Ole.
“You mean to tell me you can’t read or write and yet you have built this entire business? Can you imagine where you’d be if you could read and write?” the banker exclaimed.
“Ya,” said Ole, “I’d be a Yanitor in Minneapolis.”


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