Lucifer’s Lexicon — Capitalism

Owl Works - The Scribblings of M.T. Bass

Capitalism — The Dictatorship of the Consumer, i.e., the empowerment of the purchaser over the producer and the regulator; an economic system based upon the needs and desires of individuals, as well as the maximum freedom of choice for those individuals in satisfying their needs and desires (whether real or perceived) as opposed to an economic system based upon what groups or classes of people already possess (Haves vs Have Nots, Bourgeois vs Proletariat, Rich vs Poor) and what elites believe those groups should have.

Okay…Enough…Everybody stop it already!  Capitalism is not about free markets or free enterprise.  It is not about business and corporate entities.  These concepts and ideas are all servants to you, me, and everyone else to ensure us the freedom to spend our money how we want to spend it, where we want to spend it and — most importantly — on what we want.  Where consumers go, business…

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