actions & words

Dr. House’s Actions

He does whatever he has to do to save people’s lives. He doesn’t care if he offends the egos or feelings of the healthy people around him. All he cares about is saving his patients’ lives before it’s too late. He gets the most difficult cases that no one else can figure out, and there’s no time to mess around.

Dr. House’s Words

Getting to the point directly is the quickest and most effective way to communicate in an emergency. Sure, he could try to be a little “nicer” with his words, but he doesn’t care because those things are so trivial in comparison.

He uses sarcastic humor as a survival mechanism. It’s a stressful job when some of the people you see every day could die at a moment’s notice, and you are responsible to keep them alive and healthy, whether you know what’s wrong with them or not.

“Why do some people hear words louder than they hear actions?” The fact that many people pay more attention to words than to actions, is very scary. Please be savvier than that. That is what enables sociopaths gone wrong and psychopaths to literally get away with murder.


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