Maria and Raul – Paso Marti, Centro Habana, Cuba

David Creedon Photography

Maria and Raul, Havana Cuba © David Creedon All rights reserved

My assistant Orlando called me at my hotel and he said wanted me to meet this couple who lived opposite  El Capitolio, or National Capitol Building in Havana, Cuba. It was a very hot afternoon as we walked the short distance to their apartment on the Paso Marti. Their apartment was on the forth floor and when we arrived the front door was open. Sitting in a rocking chair was Raul. The apartment is quite small and the heat is overbearing I think it must be about forty degrees in here. Looking around this small dark room I now see Maria asleep on the bed. Her head is at the bottom and she is in the fetal position. Their whole life is wrapped up in this room and for most of their married life they have lived here. I select my position to take my photograph and Orlando…

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