1.  All Cubans who stayed in Cuba are “brainwashed” and think like communists. They need to be re-educated.

That is a blatant offense. I am so over that fallacy! I left behind people just like me, who believe in social justice, but do not believe in communism at all! And they have to live and work in Cuba because not everybody has the opportunity to leave the country and establish themselves somewhere else in the world. However, most Cubans who have the opportunity to leave the country and have no significant ties or very strong motives, do not go back to the country’s smothering atmosphere. There are jokes depicting what would happen if all of a sudden there were a bridge between Florida and Cuba. All sorts of jokes. Some reflect truth, some are totally denigrating. Actually, and with no physical bridge, that is already happening.

2. Most Cubans of the recent layers of immigration come to America for economic reasons, not for political ones. This is quite ignorant and hurtful. I could say the same about most people around the world who migrate to America. Our problem is -just like in the 19th century- the great divisionism in the political thoughts of the Cubans. As I pointed out somewhere else, there is a tendency in a growing group of Cubans to return to the country as soon as the law abides to take provisions to their relatives stuck in the island, without caring about the debts in which they incur back here after they return. Those people are being politically manipulated by the Cuban regime, which keeps their relatives as hostages. Those people, when they see themselves get into delinquency here, decide very conveniently to stay in Cuba, where they think that the arm of America’s law enforcement is never going to reach them. Caution: they are all at the expense of a treaty between the two governments. We have just seen it.

The list of fallacies and pseudo-truths is long. but I question if it is worth to keep on going through it. Meanwhile, our hopes continue to be just about the same. The difference is that Cuba is getting close to the 60 year mark that turned events for communism in Europe. That may be a landmark for the long wait.

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