between religions and our quest

There comes a point in which you question who is wrong and who is right. Some people just let things happen. Others, prefer to find out the truth and try their best to live by it (or what they think it is).

Soon, you find out that there are other viewpoints and that you grew up “sandwiched” between two eternally opposite philosophies of the world that do not totally explain your own empiric knowledge of things.

You explore, you search…until you crash against something called repression, which happens to characterize totalitarian regimes (Cuba) and orthodox churches as well.

When you turn to the church for answers, they tell you that the mysteries of God’s creation are dogmas, not to be questioned. The same way No one can dissent from the official philosophy in a totalitarian society.

At least, nowadays the church in Western countries limits itself to incommunicate people, that is, to reject them from their community, deny them participation of their sacraments (especially communion) and try to lecture the sinner. On the other hand, totalitarian governments (like Cuba and North Korea) have taken the place of the Medieval Holy Inquisition in repressing human thoughts. Anybody who dares say that there is some other viewpoint in relation to the genesis of the world is ostracized, psychologically tortured, put to prison, scorned…and they work on the reputation of the person even when the person manages to escape the country.

You get married, life goes on, you learn first hand about the birds and the bees…and have your own children. You dream a different world for them, but you wake up to the reality that you can’t teach them the truth if you don’t want them to be unfit at school, fearing at the same time that someone else teaches them a distorted story, leaving you as a liar before their eyes.

Little by little you feel like something is not right but you don’t exactly know what it is. You start to build your own inner world, afraid of sharing it as you see what happens to anyone who expresses their ideas freely in a totalitarian society: the government can label you as a “dissident” and you are denied all the common rights of a citizen of any free country in the world. They even take advantage of something that I learnt about only after I could have contact with the outer world: a phenomenon studied by American psychologists during and after the 2nd World War called “garrison mentality”. How can you move on from the boring stagnation of a life and an environment that seem totally senseless and disconnected, and when what the school, your family (that happens to be dysfunctional) or your church taught you don’t help you find an answer to life questions? What to do when the philosophy you studied (or simply recited like a cockatoo in order to pass the subject) serves to explain what is happening around you and none of it gives you incentives to move on? When you feel that you run out of your energy, not only because you are aging, but mostly because it takes you more effort than ever to deal with things around you that look totally illogical and when it feels like people try to drag you to their level to nourish from your own energy and fill your world with unnecessary trash? When you realize that there are people who make it to a different kind of life, that seem to vibrate at a totally different frequency -up and above all that- and you get to know that there is another world out there and you want to find that in your own life, bring it into your own world? Then, you decide -no matter what and where it takes you- to start your own quest…

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