All Roads Lead To Rum (Part 2: Havana)


Sunset over Havana Havana sunset

The flight and journey over were pretty uneventful. The only thing which was unusual or of note is that Jake ate an entire cucumber on the train from Blackfriars (we’d failed to successfully clear our fridge). We got to the airport with 2.5 hours to spare so indulged in an American breakfast at Frankie and Benny’s (along with some Bloody Marys, highly recommended). I managed to fit in some light Christmas shopping alongside a swift airport pint before a slight rush to gate (the classic ‘flight delayed…flight delayed…flight delayed… Gate shuts in 5 minutes!’). Complete lies, the boarding queue was 20 minutes at least, but it was still enough to get the adrenaline going after what had been a pretty chilled out experience until then. On the plane I watched 22 Jump Street and Malificent (both great – I looooved Malificent, how amazing was Angelina Jolie?) and played…

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