All Roads Lead To Rum (Part 1: Intro)


a 1950s Cuban car Inside a 1950s Cuban car

So. My very first trip over the Atlantic and also my very first blog post; an introduction:

Despite being a well seasoned traveller of Europe, until 2014 I’d never ventured outside of my magnificent home continent (except for when I was 4 and went to Tunisia with my parents but I was too young to remember that so it doesn’t really count). This year, due to finally (for the first time in my life!) being able to afford flights, I decided to make the leap and venture further than I ever have before. As I had all the world to choose from, my partner Jake, and I chose 3 destinations each, and then I picked where we’d go from the 6. My choices were Bolivia, Sri Lanka and Costa Rica. Jake’s choices were Morocco, Mexico and Cuba. After a lot of thought and some input…

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