Introducing PLIX-Introducing PLIX

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Introducing PLIX
What better way to learn or teach a concept than to learn by doing? Now, students can Play, Learn, Interact & Explore – aka PLIX! Explore a rich gallery of this bite-sized learning modality for Maths & Science.
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New! Practice that adapts to student learning level
Designed to help improve learning one question at a time, our interactive practice now adapts to a student’s learning level. Questions get easier and tougher based on students’ answers. Bonus: thoughtful content recommendations to help improve learning!

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The results are in!
Research report outlining the impact of open textbooks on science learning outcomes discusses how CK-12’s flexbooks helped a pilot district in Utah.
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Hola! CK-12 textbooks now available in Spanish
Spanish users rejoice! We’ve launched our first (of many) Spanish books for Algebra & Geometry. We are excited to bring many…

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