The Cuban ‘wishful’ crisis

A Heapin' Plate of Conservative Politics & Religion

By Tom Quiner


I grew up at time when we thought the world was going to blow up.

The 1962 Cuban Missile crisis came when I was just beginning to look at the newspaper (although, usually it was to check out the White Sox box scores).

For 13 days in October of that year, I ran to grab the morning edition of the paper to read the front page of the paper to see if we had been bombed. Then I would race home from school to read the front page of the afternoon edition (back when there were 2 editions).

It was a scary time. We had bomb shelters in my grade school, and regular drills on what to do if we were attacked.

I have followed the sordid history of Cuba throughout my adult life. I have been repulsed by Cuba’s relentless human rights violations of her people…

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