…part of Castro’s fortune came from drug trafficking. Sanchez —a castro’s bodyward— said that in 1989, despite the fact that Castro would forcefully insist in public that the Cuban government had nothing to do with drug trafficking, the bodyguard overheard a private conversation between Castro and José Abrantes, then minister of the interior, that directly implicated Castro in the drug business. “That’s when everything fell apart for me, when everything crumbled” Sanchez said. “I spent more time with Fidel than I did with my own family, and after that moment I was in shock . I felt used, and angry.”

Sanchez applied for retirement in 1994, but, according to him, he was thrown in jail as punishment for trying to leave Castro’s employ. He spent two years in prison.

He made 11 attempts to flee the island, and finally managed to come to the United States in 2008. I asked why it took so long to tell his story. “I couldn’t talk about this in Cuba”, Sanchez said. “And it took me a long time to gather all the material [for the book].”…


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