Obamacuba questions

What politic is this that all of a sudden decided to review if a country, Cuba, is a supporter of terrorism AT THE TIME that frees condemned spies by the US judicial system?
If it were the only way to save Gross: to free The 5,
What it has to do with reviewing if Cuba supports terrorism or not?
It was not explained plenty well when done few months ago?!
OK, you negotiated with these terrorists, but not with ISIS, Osama, and so?
Everybody is asking you why negotiate to save GROSS, but NOT to save the others, WHY?!
Do you have anything to say about?!

/home/wpcom/public_html/WP-content/blogs. dir/15a/68547699/files/2014/12/img_03901.pngyour last statement:

The Cuban government continued to harbor fugitives wanted in the United States. The Cuban government also provided support such as housing, food ration, books, and medical care for these individuals.


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