Rage and hope in Little Havana as Barack Obama brings Cuba in from the cold


Repeating Islands


“Miami’s Cuban exiles have long demanded a hard US line against the Castros, but a younger generation is more open-minded than their parents,” says Raf Sanchez (The Telegraph):

Miami’s southwest 8th street, known locally as “Calle Ocho”, is like no other street in America. Elderly Cuban men hunch over domino tiles in Máximo Gómez Park, grunting at each other in Spanish through cigars clenched between their teeth. Rumba music blares from the corner cafes, and on the corner of 13th Avenue is a shrine where a statue of the Virgin Mary stands a few yards from a sculpture of a soldier with a machine gun. A plaque reads in Spanish: “To the martyrs who have shed blood for the freedom of Cuba”.

For more than fifty years, Miami’s Little Havana neighbourhood has been the exile capital for hundreds of thousands of Cubans who fled their homeland after Fidel…

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