Baby love

Even the dogs know they need to abandon that country…



While on a vacation in Cuba we met the sweetest little stray dog.  We were visiting a rural beach in Playa Giron and this little dog ran right up to us and he jumped up to say hi to Brandy as we were checking in.  We named him Baby and he followed us every where we went showering us with love.  He was starving and covered in mites.  We knew we had to do something but we were leaving Cuba the next day.  We decided to give him love, food, and an organic peppermint bergamot bath.  He loved it.  When we were getting ready to get in the van to leave Baby followed us and kept jumping up on us, like he knew we were leaving him behind.  We were extremely sad but decided that we would try to save up enough money to go back, take him to the…

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