The Cold War has ended, but what happens next?


Written by Benjamin Butcher, Deputy Editor-in-Chief

It was 1991 when, for many, history ended. As every corner of the globe gave in to the magnanimous pull of a triumphant United States, the era of adversarial international politics and tit-for-tat conflict seemed to come to an abrupt end. The world seemed safer and any burgeoning reminders of the previous forty years slipped away as the world appeared united behind a mishmash of ideologies, all of which pointed to ‘growth through connection’.

IMG_0820 Obama’s announcement signals it will become slightly easier for American tourists to visit Cuba.

This brave new world left few behind, but frozen in history was a country just three-hundred miles from Miami. In a meticulous calculation of cost-benefits, Cuba – still led by its communist architect, Fidel Castro – was ruled not worth the political wrangling. Abandoned by rhetoric of ‘human rights’ and ‘democracy’, Cuba was left in the…

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